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Take charge of your mind

Although it may not feel like it, you are in charge of your mind and therefore your results. This is another presupposition of NLP. The way we think on a consistent basis has an effect on our everyday life. If you want to understand your thoughts you need to look at the beliefs behind them.

With everyone having a different set of beliefs, and therefore different thinking patterns, everything is open to interpretation. Most of us live on autopilot and react without even thinking about what we are saying or doing in each moment. In order to understand the programs we may be running, we need to take a step back and observe our life - do we like what we see? Is it the way we would like it to be? Are we comfortable with who we are? The answers to these questions will give us some clues as to what we believe about ourselves and our world.

To get to those deep seated beliefs, we can start observing our thoughts. We think approximately 70,000 thoughts a day, and up to 90% of those are repeated from the day before. Medical professional and author of Quantum Healing and Perfect Health, Deepak Chopra, states ‘that our immune system eaves drops on our internal dialogue’. So not only do we think all day, everyday, we actually have a conversation going on inside our head on a constant basis. If everyone spoke out aloud these private conversations in their head, most of the human race would be considered crazy.

Simply observe these thoughts, don’t make them good or bad, right or wrong, just

simply observe them. When we are interacting with others, what are we thinking?

Do our thoughts convey positive or negative messages to our unconscious mind? If they

are negative, remember, they are only thoughts, and we are only thinking them because

of something we believe about ourselves, that isn’t true. Some thoughts just come and

go, and we need not pay them too much attention, it’s only the constant messages we are

looking for that may lead us back to the belief behind it. For example: if we tell

ourselves that we are stupid every time we think we’ve made a mistake, then we may

have unrealistic expectations of ourselves or a belief that we can never do anything right.

We are under constant self hypnosis from our own internal dialogue, so it’s important

to investigate what type of hypnotic messages we are giving ourselves day after day.

Imagine the result of 70,000 negative thoughts every day. A powerful mind with

no direction and no discipline is wasted potential. Reality appears to be happening to us

from the outside, when in fact, it is actually occurring within us and being projected out.

In quantum physics, scientists found that when they were investigating whether light is in the form of a particle or a wave, those who looked for the particle found a particle, and those who looked for a wave found a wave. The conclusion was that matter is relative to the observer, and that our intent actually has something to do with what takes form in our life.

Each person’s reality differs from the next, and although we are all unique

individuals, much of what we experience in life is due to our personal beliefs. We

don’t actually see the many possibilities or opportunities that may be there for us,

because we only see what we believe to be true. I liken it to a television with pay

TV, containing perhaps 100 stations that we can tune into. We choose one and that’s

all we can see, but there are ninety-nine other stations still running on different

waves of energy. Is it possible that we are missing out on our true potential?

Choice is open to us, although it may not appear to be that way. So beliefs are the foundation, and thoughts (together with imagination) follow our beliefs, then our energy starts to move (e-motion), which produces our communication and actions. It is possible to have a different outcome, if we realise that we may be harbouring a false belief about ourselves or about life in general.

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